Implementation issues

AuthorJustesen, Pia
8.1 Dissemination of information, dialogue with NGOs and between social
a) Dissemination of information about legal protection against discrimination ( Article
10 Directive 2000/43 and Article 12 Directive 2000/78)
In theory, the Mi nistry of Foreigners an d Integration works to promote the integration
and equal treatment of ethnic minorities in Denmark. However, n o information on
discrimination is found on the ministry’s w ebsite. On 27 June 2019, a new Social
Democratic Government came into power in Denmark. The new minister of Foreigners
and Integration removed the picture of a tracker on the ministry website counting the
number of tim es rules on foreigners and immigrants had been tightened by the pr evious
Government. The Ministry of Social Affairs and the Interior has the overall responsibility
for coordinating policies regarding disability.251
The DIHR serves as a specialised equality body, disseminating information about
discrimination and equal treatment. In its annual reports, the DIHR deals with selected
human rights issues an d provides recommendations to promote the protection of general
human rights in Denmark.252 The latest status report on the issue of race and ethnic
origin is from June 2016. In this report, the DIHR describes how Denmark faces a
number of challenges in terms of implementing the principle of equal treatment and non-
discrimination when it comes to race and ethnic origin, including the h igh number of
ethnic minorities in Denmark who experience discrimination and the large salary gap
between non-Western immigrants and ethnic Danes.253 Furthermore, in the status report
on disability, the DIHR describes ch allenges around accessibility, education, labou r
market and the use of coercion in psychiatry.254
The national integration barometer run by the Danish Ministry o f Foreigners and
Integration documents that the proportion of imm igrants and descendants of non -
Western origin who h ave experienced discrimination because of their ethnic background
has risen from 45 % in 2012 to 48 % in 2018.255
b) Measures to encourage dialogue with NGOs with a view to promoting the principle
of equal treatment (Article 12 Directive 2000/43 and Article 14 Directive 2000/78)
Apart from the general work of the DI HR, no recent actions have taken place when it
comes to measures to encourage dialogue with NGOs.
c) Measures to promote dialogue between social partn ers to give effect to the principle
of equal treatment within workplace practices, codes of practice and workforce
monitoring (Article 11 Directive 2000/43 and Article 13 Directive 2000/ 78)
No recent actions have taken place when it comes to measures to promote dialogue
between social partners.
d) Addressing the situation of Roma and Travellers
There is no specific body to address current Roma issues in Denmark. The Roma and
Travellers population in Denmark consists of around 2 000 individuals and no current
general information has been found about the situation of Roma in Denmark. There are
251 See:
252 DIHR (2020), Human Rights in Denmark report to the Folketinget.
253 See
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