Implementation of marketing research in Kosovo businesses

AuthorSkënder Buja - Isak Berbatovci
PositionUniversity AAB-Pristina - European Univesity of Tirana
IIPCCL Publishing, Tirana-Albania
Academic Journal of Business, Administration, Law and Social Sciences Vol. 1 No. 3
November 2015
ISSN 2410-3918
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Implementation of marketing research in Kosovo businesses
PhD (C.)Skënder Buja
University AAB-Pristina
PhD (C.) Isak Berbatovci
European Univesity of Tirana
The implementation level of Marketing Research towards completing a business, should be
an important factor for the achievements of a business. In this case, the cultural level includes
the cultural side of the businesses related to the implementation level of the Marketing Research
in different development phases of businesses in the Republic of Kosovo. To develop a business,
the first idea is about what do we want to do, how, where and when. The powerful support
about all these things are finances, but before anything else, the implementation of the research
methods in the market and in the environment where we want to do business.
The purpose of this paper is to determine the real situation of businesses related to the level of
implementation of Marketing Research as well as their influence in success. Based upon the
circumstances and the business mindset, we should not be satisfied about how and in which
way we approach business through research as a scientific method of modern time we live in.
Keywords: Marketing Research, business, scientific method.
The first rule in solving the problems is: “Collect facts” (Thomas Edison, Valuable
Opinions) and”Knowledge is power” (Francis Bacon, 70+ sayings about knowledge)
The implementation of research methods of marketing, in starting and developing a
business in Kosovo are not satisfactory. This happens because the effect and their
importance it has not been comprehended by businesses. In moving ahead in
implementing the research methods, special importance has the new generation of
professionals coming from different levels of education, starting from the basic ones
up to the University. Therefore, we should focus in these generations to make sure
they get the knowledge and get trained in the field of research for business as well as
in other fields.
The objective of the research is to replace the intuitive risky decisions of the decision
makers with decisions based upon systemic and objective researches.
To develop a research, we should always have into account the reasons and
circumstances before we come up with a decision for a research in order to assess the
cost of the research and the potential value of the achievements. The cost of the research
should be lower than the potential value of the achievements in order to justify the
research and the resources engaged from this research for the business it is aimed
for, the possibility to get the right data, appropriate time schedule available to conduct
the research. After assessing all these factors, the decision should be taken whether

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