In which situations does the Charter apply?

Examples: “insuff‌icient” EU links
The matters (of the nationa l act and a provision of EU l aw) are “closely
related or one of those mat ters [has] an indirect im pact on the other
(see Cha pter7, SituationB.1).
The mere fact that a na tional measure comes wit hin an area in which the E U
has powers
(see Chapter7, SituationB.6).
The national ac t qualif‌ies as “more stringent protec tive measures of domestic
law” (acts going beyon d the minimum requ irements laid down by U nion)
(see Chapter7, SituationA.3).
There are voluntar y refe rences in national law to Un ion law
(see Chapter7,
The link with EU law should be suff‌iciently concrete to qualify as “implementing
Union law”. This link is suff‌iciently concrete if Member States act as agents for
the EU, or if they need to rely on some kind of authorisation under EU law (see
chapter 5).
5 In which situations does the Charter
When Member States act as an agent for the
European Union
A Member State act s as an “agent” or “representati ve” of the EU if it acts o n
behalf of the Union . All authorit ies and the judicia ry of the Member Sta tes can
act as such.
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