Independence, Sovereignty, Preponderance ? The Prevalence and the Territorial Expansion of State Power

AuthorDardan Vuniqi - Armend Podvorica
PositionUniversity 'Ukshin Hoti', Prizren
European Journal of Economics, Law and Social Sciences
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
Vol. 4 No. 2
June, 2020
ISSN 2519-1284
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Independence, Sovereignty, Preponderance – The Prevalence and the
Territorial Expansion of State Power
PhD Dardan Vuniqi
Prof ass dr Armend Podvorica
State is societysneed for the existence of an organized power equipped with the right
equipments of coercion and able to run the society, by imposing the choices that seem reasonable
whichimposesitswilltoall thesocietyandhasawhole mechanismtoexecutethiswillThe
state realizes its functions through power, which is a mechanism to accomplish its relevant
between two subjects, between two wills. Power is the ability to impose an order, a rule and
othersbehaviorin case thathe doesntapplyvoluntary therelevant normrespectively the
oflawTounderstand statepower beerwehave tostart fromits overallcharacterSo we
noticethat inpractice weencounterdierent kindsof powersthe familysonetheschools
one the healthsone the religionsculturesetc The notion of powers can be understood
as a report betweentwo subjects two wills Power is an order for others behaviorEvery
power is some kind of liability, dependence from others. In the legal aspect, supremacy of state
presentsthe constitutivelegislative formupon thepowersthat followaer itSupremacy
respectivelythe prevalence isstronger upon other powersin its territoryFor examplewe
take the highest state body, the parliament as a legislative body, where all other powers that
comeaerit liketheexecutive andcourtsonearedependableon statescentralpowerWe
cantavoid the carriage of statessovereignty in the competences of dierent international
organizationsRepublic based on ratied agreements for certain cases can overstep states
power on international organizations. The people legitimate power and its bodies, by giving
their votes for a mandate of governance peoples verdict It is true that we understand
cease happens when the monopoly of physical strength ceases as well, and this monopoly is
won by another organization. A state can be ceased with the voluntary union of two or more
states in a mutual state, or a state can be ceased from a federative state, where federal units
wintheir independenceIn this contextwe haveto dowith formerUSSRsunits separated
insomeindependentstateslike Czechoslovakiaunitthatwasseparatedintwoindependent
statesinCzech RepublicandSlovakiaFormer Yugoslaviawasseparatedfromeight federal
units, today from these federal units seven of them have won their independence and their
thisterritorythe peoplecomeunderthe relevantstatespowerTerritorialexpansionofstate

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