Information technology and management

AuthorAfërdita Berisha-Shaqiri
PositionUniversity of Pristina
ISSN 2410-3918 Academic Journal of Business, Administration, Law and Social Sciences Vol 1 No 1
Acces online at IIPCCL Publishing, Tirana-Albania March 2015
Information technology and management
Afërdita Berisha-Shaqiri
University of Pristina
e rapid development of information technology has inuenced informatics as an important
role in business development and management. Manifestations of computerization in the
current economy mostly reect the application of information systems for planning and strategic
dierent analysis, especially when making long-term decisions. ese systems consist of several
information systems and management control systems for decision support. e construction of
these systems was originally a requirement for the strategic planning of top managers (the highest
level of leadership) having as a primary goal the easier access to important information, especially
those that were classied as critical for success in business. Expert systems for example oered
the possibility of linking information technology with other telecommunication channels which
makes them possible to identify many problems.
In this context, this paper will focus on presenting the great importance of information technology
as a powerful tool to manage business problems precisely because information systems provide
exceptional business value. Information Technology examines the reasons for the problems and
oers solutions to manage and reduce them.
Keywords: Information technology, management, business, decisions, planning.
Information Technology is the science of introducing electronic machines for the
construction of sophisticated computer systems to better manage material and human
resources. In the recent years, world-wide economy is undergoing fundamental changes
as a result of the rapid development of this technology. Especially the dynamics of the
development of informatics and its products and business development opportunities
are based exactly in the use of Internet technology which has enabled the growth of the
role and importance of using information and communication technology in business
processes and management in new economic conditions or digital economy. In most
cases, computing technology is seen as a system composed of people, equipment and
procedures to collect, arrange, analyze, evaluate and disseminate information at the right
time of making a decision. Otherwise it is also a formatted computing system that can
collect, feed, process, and report data from various sources to provide the information
necessary for management in the process of making decisions (Hicks, 2003, 25).
Information and Communication Technology known as ICT technology has become
the main tool in business activities in the modern world (Dimovski & Škerlavaj, 2004,
636). e main contribution of ICT technology in the last decade has focused on the
management processes (especially organizational) and business. ICT has gained great
importance when it comes to the success and eciency of business helping business

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