The elements of the first part of the Single Market Act, which have not yet been approved via legislation, will be single market priorities for the Irish Presidency.

The Presidency will inherit sensitive political dossiers pushed forward by its predecessors, such as those relating to the directives on public procurement and concessions or on professional qualifications, which are among the priorities set by the Single Market Act (part I) and which should have been finalised by the end of 2012. It plans to keep a close eye on progress on these key issues for growth, mobility and employment.aAfter the vote in Parliament's Committee on the Internal Market (IMCO), on 18 December 2012, on Directive 2004/18 on traditional public procurement, a vote in plenary is expected in April 2013. The Presidency will therefore have to manage the three-way talks to reach an agreement in first reading, according to indications reconfirmed by the Competitiveness Council, on 10 December.

As for the directive on concessions, the MEPs' vote is scheduled to take place in committee (IMCO) on 24 January and in plenary in March.

Revision of the current directive on recognition of professional qualifications is another big slice' of the single market agenda. The Irish have put it among their top priorities with an ambitious schedule of working...

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