AuthorNaldini, Andrea; Pompili, Marco; Peruccacci, Eleonora
The “ Fact -finding stud y on t he imp leme ntat ion of the ev aluat ion requirement s for eseen
by the GBER and relevant guidelines” analyses the implementation of the evaluation
requirements as defined by both th e Gener al Block Exem ption Regulat ion (GBER) and
the European Commission’s (EC) relevant guidelines to inf orm EC policymaking w ith
findings an d lesson s learnt. In par ticular, t he study aims to assess the efficien cy in th e
im plement at ion of th e evaluation requirement s from a legal, organisational and
techn ical per spect ive.
To achieve t his goal t he stu dy analyses t he nat ional requir ements on the evaluation of
State aid in t he 28 MSs ( under task 1) and the implement at ion of the evaluation
re quir ement s in the 15 MSs for whi ch a n ev alua tio n p lan was eith er und er discussion or
app roved by a Com mission decision, by th e end of December 2019 ( und er t ask 2).
The study is an im portan t factor in reinforcing t he evaluation of State aid accor ding to
the GBER. I t analyses t he national rules and arrangements for t he ex ecution of
evaluations of St ate aid schemes, as well as t he ev alu at ion p lan s submitt ed to the EC
bet ween 2015 and 2019 , wh ich should com ply with t he prescrip tions set up in t he
Comm on m et hodology for State aid evaluat ion” document elaborated by th e
Commission. The results of these analyses will support the ongoing reflection on how
to improve the future regulat ory fram ework.
The stu dy also assesses and pr ovides a fu ll pict ur e of th e r egu lation s set out in the MS’s
national evaluat ion framework s and analyses the ongoing and ex-post im pact
ev alua tio ns o f a id schemes. Mor eover, an an alysis of t he main evid ence emer ging f rom
the surv ey and th e in ter view s ca rried out with nat ional author ities responsi ble for State
aid sheds light on the m ain str eng ths an d weaknesses of the evaluat ion pr ocess in each
MS. These activities support policy making and have an im pact on the future planning
and desig n of State aid.
The final report aim s t o present t he final and ov erall findings of the study. This repor t
is based on th e evidence emerging from the previous interim report and the resu lts
produced in task 1 and 2 . The r eport provides a comprehensive overview of t he issues
related to aid schemes evaluation and proposes some improvem ents in t he curr ent
regulatory and operational framework . The final report is structu red as follows:
Sect ion 1 pre sent s the obj ectives of th e st udy and pr ovid es an ov erview of the legal
bac kgr ou nd ;
Sect ion 2 giv es an overv iew of t he meth odological appr oach;
Sect ion 3 su mm arises th e m ain resu lts of th e ac tiv ities carr ied out un der ta sk 1 : the
analysis of the count ry pr ofiles, the mapp ing of t he evaluations relat ed to State aid
re leva nt me asur es a nd the m appi ng of eval uat ion s car rie d ou t und er Cohesi on poli cy
ob liga ti ons;
Sect ion 4 pre sent s the results of th e an alysis of the Evaluat ion Plans and the surv ey
and f ield analysis carried ou t u nder task 2;
Sect ion 5 pr esents t he m ain conclusions to be drawn from the analyses and some
recom men dations t o im pro ve t he future regu latory fr amewor k.
The Annex A includes the 28 Country Prof iles produced in Task 1.

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