AuthorBrito Bastos, Filipe; Zeitlin, Jonathan
SSM and the SRB accountabil ity at European leve l: room f or improvem ents?
PE 64 5.747 11
Remit of the paper
(a) To assess whether the current accountability regime and scrutiny instruments (ranging from
hearings to judicial review) are effective in counter balancing the powers given t o SSM and the SR B;
(b) To make pr oposals of additional scrutiny instruments or procedures for improvement to increase
accountability at European level, while respecting the institutions’ independence and within the
current legal framework.
1 This paper draws on research conducted by Jonathan Zeitlin for the EU Horizon 2020 project “Integrating Diversity in the European Union
(InDivEU)”, http://in div, und er grant ag reement No 822304.

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