AuthorCourt of Justice of the European Union
The Court of Justice of the European Union (the Court or the nstitu tion) reports each year by publishing
a report compo sed of the following:
XXthe Judicia l activity  report,
XXthe management repor t (annual activity repor t by the authorising ocer by delegation) drawn up in
accordance w ith Article 74(9) of Regulation No 2018/1046 on the nancial rules applicable to the
general budget of the U nion (the Financial Reg ulation).
Article 74(9) of the Financial Regulation requires the authorising ocer by delegation to report to his or
her nstitutio n on the performance of his or her duties in the form of an annual activity report cont aining
nancial and managem ent information and by declar ing that he or she has reasonable assura nce that:
(a) the informati on contained in the report pr esents a true and fair view,
(b) the resources assig ned to the ac tivities descr ibed in the repo rt have been used for their
intended purpo se and in accordance with the prin ciple of sound nancial management ; and
(c) the control procedures put in place give the necessary guarantees concerning the legalit y and
regularit y of the underlying transa ctions.
The annual activity report shall i nclude information on the operations carried out, by reference to the
objectiv es and performance considerations , the risks associated with those operati ons, the use made of
the resources pro vided and the eciency an d eectiveness of inter nal control systems.
Th e con tex t in whi ch th is m anag eme nt re por t by the aut hor isin g o cer b y de lega tio n is d raw n up for 2 018
is charac terised by part icularly intense a ctivity, as t he statistics on the acti vity of the two courts which
make up the Court of Ju stice show.
With 8 49 new cases, the Court of Justice registered the highest num ber of new case s in one year
in its history. That i ncrease of approximate ly 15% compared to 2017 con cerned both reques ts for
preliminary rulings as well as dir ect actions and a ppeals. t was accompani ed by a record number ( 760)
of cases closed, despite the partial renewal of the Courts composi tion (six Members left the court in
4Annual manage ment report - 2018

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