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AuthorMariotti, Caterina; Ballesteros, Marta; Markowska, Agnieszka
IPOL | P olicy D epartme nt for Economic, Scientific and Quality of Life Policies
PE 65 8.21 2 8
Ms Anna CAVAZZINI, MEP, opened the event by int roducing the topic of the webinar. S he s t r ess ed tha t
the Members of th e IMCO committee have been very concerned with these issues during the first phase
of the COVID-19 crisis . She recalled that, as we ll as the webinar, a s tudy o n the same t opic is expected
to be published in early 2021 and that t he elements discussed d uring the webinar would be taken into
account in the study. She discussed the overall aim of the webinar and of the study, which is to as sess
the impact of the COVID-19 crisis o n the Internal Mark et and on consumer protection, as well as to
suggest possible solutions to make the Internal Market more robust in the future. Ms Cavazzini thanked
the Po licy Depart ment fo r Economic, S cientific an d Quality o f Life Policies f or the o rganisation of the
webinar and welcomed and intr oduced the experts , thanking them for t heir participation. Finally, she
described the s tructure of th e webinar, explaining ther e would be a first panel focused on the free
movement of go ods and people and a s econd panel devoted to consumer protection and pr ov ision of

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