IP Law For Design Rights

Author:STA Law Firm
Profession:STA Law Firm

In G-Star v Cofemel's case, G-Star accused Cofemel of making clothes that stole some of the designs of G-Star. Historically, it is accepted that any original subject matter that involves the creative development of a writer can be considered as a' book' within the scope of the copyright directive. Besides, secondary EU law has provided safeguards of models that could be enforced by the copyright directive. Design can also be a' work' in a particular case. Protection of designs is intended to protect subject matter that is new and distinctive but also functional and is likely to be mass-produced.

Protection of models is intended to protect objects that are unique and different, but also practical and likely to be manufactured for mass production. Design protection is applicable for a limited period, ensuring a return on the investment necessary for the creation and manufacture of the subject without excessively restricting competition. By addition, copyright protection lasts longer and is only for subject matter that can be marked as' works.' The granting of copyright protection...

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