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Published date01 July 2017
Date01 July 2017
Volume 26 Issue 2 2017
Editorial 105
Special Issue: Environmental Crimes
Cooperation on Transnational Environmental Crime: Institutional Complexity
Lorraine Elliott 107
Building an Effective Criminal Justice Response to Wildlife Traff‌i cking: Experiences
from the ASEAN Region
Giovanni Broussard 118
Australian Law to Combat Illegal Logging in Indonesia: A Gossamer Chain for
Transnational Enforcement of Environmental Law
Gregory Rose 128
The Development of Environmental Criminal Law in the EU and its Member States
Michael Faure 139
Towards Effective Implementation of the EU Environmental Crime Directive? The
Case of Illegal Waste Management and Traff‌i cking Offences
Ricardo Pereira 147
Regular Article
Drawing a Line between European Waste and Chemicals Regulation
Joonas Alaranta and Topi Turunen 163
Case Note
Charanne and Construction Investments v. Spain : Legitimate Expectations and
Investments in Renewable Energy
Fernando Dias Simões 174
Book Review s
Jill Wakef‌i eld, Reforming the Common Fisheries Policy ( Mercedes Rosello) 181
Timo Koivurova and Pamela Lesser, with Sonja Bickford, Paula Kankaanpää
and Marina Nenasheva, Environmental Impact Assessment in the Arctic:
A Guide to Best Practice ( Gunnar Sander) 182
Julian Nowag, Environmental Integration in Competition and Free-Movement Laws
(Martin Hennig) 184
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