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Publication Date01 Jun 2017
European Management Review
Volume 14 Issue 2 Summer 2017
Managing Diversity and Inclusion: An International Perspective. Jawad Syed
and Mustafa ÖZbilgin, (Eds), London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, Pp.356,
Isbn: 9781446294642 115
Dennis Gabriel Pepple
Experience and Cross-Border Acquisitions: An Organizational Learning Perspective 119
Ilaria Galavotti, Daniele Cerrato and Donatella Depperu
A Macro-National Level Analysis of Arab Women's Work Engagement 133
Muntaha Banihani and Jawad Syed
The Helix of Change: a Visual Metaphor 143
George Kassinis and Alexia Panayiotou
On the Uptake of Flexible Working Arrangements and the Association With Human
Resource and Organizational Performance Outcomes 165
Elaine Berkery, Michael J. Morley, Siobhan Tiernan, Helen Purtill and Emma Parry
Qualitative Inquiry in Management: Methodological Dilemmas and Concerns
in Meta-Analysis 185
Sébastien Point, Jacqueline Fendt and Karsten Jonsen
Product and Organizational Modularity: a Contingent View of the Mirroring Hypothesis 205
Metehan FerI
˙dun Sorkun and Andrea Furlan
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