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Published date01 April 2016
Date01 April 2016
Volume 25 Issue 1 2016
Editorial 3
Special Issue: The SDGs and International Environmental Law
Getting to 2030: Negotiating the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda
Pamela S. Chasek , Lynn M. Wagner , Faye Leone , Ana-Maria Lebada and
Nathalie Risse 5
The Nexus between International Law and the Sustainable Development Goals
Rakhyun E. Kim 15
Clean Air for All by 2030? Air Quality in the 2030 Agenda and in International Law
Birgit Lode , Philipp Schönberger and Patrick Toussaint 27
The Cross-fertilization between the Sustainable Development Goals and
International Water Law
Otto Spijkers 39
Governance and the Sustainable Development Goals: The Increasing Relevance of
Access Rights in Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration
Marcos Orellana 50
Follow-up and Review of the Sustainable Development Goals: Alignment vs.
Åsa Persson , Nina Weitz and Måns Nilsson 59
Regular Articles
Inclusion of Consumption into the EU ETS: The Legal Basis under European
Union Law
Roland Ismer and Manuel Haussner 69
Access to Justice in Environmental Matters and the Aarhus Convention’s Effects in
the EU Legal Order: No Room for Nuanced Self-executing Effect?
Benedikt Pirker 81
Transboundary Environmental Impact Assessment of Large Dams in
the Euphrates–Tigris Region: An Analysis of International Law Binding
Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey
Nicolas C. Bremer 92
Rethinking Transnational Environmental Health Governance in Africa: Can Adaptive
Governance Help?
William Onzivu 107
Case Note
Urgenda Foundation and 886 Individuals v. The State of the Netherlands:
The Dilemma of More Ambitious Greenhouse Gas Reduction Action by
EU Member States
Marjan Peeters 123
Book Reviews
Tim Stephens and David L. VanderZwaag , Polar Oceans Governance in an Era of
Environmental Change ( Signe Veierud Busch ) 130
Karen E. Makuch and Ricardo Pereira , Environmental and Energy Law
( Montserrat Abad Castelos ) 132
Michele M. Betsill , Kathryn Hochstetler and Dimitris Stevis , Advances in
International Environmental Politics ( Matthew R. Auer ) 135
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