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Members of the Socialist Group in the European Parliament have expressed their desire to re-examine provisions, backed by the EP's Civil Liberties (LIBE) Committee, which would allow illegal immigrants to be interned by member states for up to 18 months.

The position was made clear by group coordinator Claudio Fava (PES, Italy), during a debate on justice and home affairs in the EP on 31 January. He stressed that "18 months length of detention is a persecutory measure", and expressed his "virulent opposition". The 18 month limit is contained in amendments adopted by LIBE to a draft directive on the return of illegal immigrants (i.e. the return directive' - COD/2005/0167). The amendments replaced the Commission's original plan for a strict limit to detention of six months. Members of the PES in the committee are now urging that the EP should change its position during informal trialogue discussions with Council on the dossier.

The committee adopted its report...

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