Land registration

AuthorOvcak Kos, Maja
Consum er mar ket stud y on the fun ctio ning of the r eal estate servi ces for consum ers in the EU Coun try Fiche Sloven ia
4. Land regist ration
Ta ble 8: Lan d r egist ra tio n
Re spon sib le au th ori ty( ies) dea lin g
w ith la nd r egist ration
Coun ty court s
Act ors i nvo lve d i n t he re gist ra tio n
pr ocedu re and th eir mai n
fu nctions
Onl y not arie s can v erif y t he sig nat ure wit h t he respect t o t he l and regist er perm issi on, issue d by the own er o f
th e r eal e stat e or the ot her ri ght in rem , w hich is man dato ry.
Land reg istr y ap plicati on is filed by not aries ( usual) , ad vocat es ( possib le), estat e agent s (possible) , parti es
I nt ermed iat e ste ps of the
re gistr at ion pr ocedu re, if
ap plicabl e
1. Lan d registry appl icati on - fil ed by notaries ( usu al), adv ocate s (p ossibl e), estat e ag ents ( possible ) or par ties
by the coun ty courts. 2. The Judi cial Assist ant deci des on th e entr y of the righ t t hat is p roposed in th e lan d
reg ister by a reso luti on. 3. Opposit ion - I n t he case of refu sal of t he lan d r egist ry appl ication , t he op posit ion can
be brou ght on (wi thin eight day s of the not ifica tion of the resol ution) . 4 . The j udg e of the fir st inst ance court
decides wh eth er t he resoluti on i ssued by the l and regist ry judicial assi stan t r emain s in force or shall be a nnulle d.
5. Against th e j udgem ent the appeal can be bro ught . 6 . Th e fin al d ecision is a dopt ed by the High cour t.

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