Latest developments in 2019

AuthorMatthias Mahlmann
12.1 Legislative amendments
The most importan t development in 2019 in the fi eld of anti-discrimi nation law has been
the prepa ration of a draft anti -discrimination law of th e Berlin Senate submitted by the
Senator for Justice, Consumer Protection and Anti-Discrimination, Dr Dirk Behrendt.475 The
proposed law, the Berlin Land Anti-Discriminati on Law (Land Antidiskriminierungsges etz)
(LADG),476 implements the European requirements in the area of anti-discrimination law in
the Land law of Berlin, providing in addition an instrument with which affected persons can
enforce the constitutional prohibitions of discrimination. The LADG offers protection against
discrimination based on racist attribution, ethnic origin, gender, religion and belief,
disability, chronic illness, age, language, sexual and gender identity a nd social status.
Whereas the AGG has so far been limited to employment and private law transactions, the
LADG will provide a comparable protection against discrimination in relation to pu blic law
actions by the administration and public bodies of the Berlin Land. The LADG provid es for
a right to fil e an actio popularis and for an ombud sman. The draft of the Berlin LADG is
currently being discussed in the House of Representat ives. Until it has be en passed, the
draft law can still be changed in parliamentary proceedings.
Furthermore, the Federal Ministry of Health (Bun desministerium für Gesundheit) (BMG)
has prepared a draft law for the protection against treatments to change or suppress sexual
orientation or self-perceived gender identity ( Sexuelle-Orientierung-und geschlechtliche
Identität-Schutz-Gesetz) (SOGISchutzG), prohibiting conv ersion therapies.477
12.2 Case law
Discrimination on the ground of age
Name of the Court: Federal Labour Court (Bundesarbeitsgericht , BAG)
Date of decision: 19 February 2019
Name of the parties: N/A478
Reference number: 3 AZR 215/18, ECLI:DE:BAG:2019:1902 19.U.3AZR215.18.0
Address of the webpage: -
bin/rechtsprechung/ fd1838e1a22a16ad93d
Brief summary: The case concerns a regulation in an occupational pension scheme, which
excluded from the benefits of this scheme those partners who had married when the
employee wa s old er t han 62 years. The wife of a deceased employee who had married
after this age limit filed a suit claiming discrimination based on the ground of age because
she was denied the pension due to this regulation.
The Federal Labour Court argued that a regulation that links the right to benefits from a
pension scheme of a partner of a deceased employee to the marriage being concluded
before a certain age is direct discrimination on the ground of age. It held that such
discrimination is not justified according to Section 10 AGG. In this case, Section 10,
sentence 3, number 4, AGG is applicable, which holds:
A difference of treatment on grounds of age shall not constitute discrimination if it
is objectively and reasonably justified by a legitima te aim. The means of achieving
that aim must be appropriate and necessary. Such differences of treatment may
475 For more information about the draft, see in German:
476 See in German, Abgeordnetenhaus of Berlin, Drucksache 18/1996, 12 June 2019.
477 See in German in the version of 29 October 2019,
478 In Germany, court decisions do not publish the names of the parties.

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