Legal significance of the private security sector in Kosova

AuthorFidair Berisha
PositionKosovo Police - Unit for Close Protection
IIPCCL Publishing, Tirana-Albania
Academic Journal of Business, Administration, Law and Social Sciences Vol. 1 No. 3
November 2015
ISSN 2410-3918
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Legal significance of the private security sector in Kosova
PhD (C.) Fidair Berisha
Kosovo Police - Unit for Close Protection
Privatization of the security sector is considered a new phenomenon in the post communist
society. The security system has been under a total monopol of the state institutions. Therefore,
even the legal adjustment of this system is considered that only state institutions are entitled
for provision of the security services, by excluding participation of civic organizations from
this activity. Beside this, state enterprises have been obliged to establish its safet structures for
property protection and involved employers in enterprises. Immediately after the conflictual
period the privatization of the security sector was rapidly increased, including various parts
of society. In Kosovo immediately after the conflictual period there was legal gaps, which
means that the private security sector has not been adjusted and as a result of this has been
uncontrolled and without supervision. Therefore in 2000 the UNMIK administration has
undertaken measures and has carried out the first act which has regulated this sector in Kosova.
The draft law has undergone significant changes starting from the title. Saying in more common
manner, “Draft law for private security” is amended in the LAW no. 04/L-004.2001 for private
security services, and this amendment of the private security sector is based in the above
mentioned law.
Key words: Safet sector, UNMIK, Law, Private companies, enterprises.
Private security companies (Kosovo Private Sector) in Kosova exist almost for a half
decade, much later than in other parts of former Yugoslavia. A long period of relations
under the Milosevic regime and the difficult political situation has made difficult the
overall social development. The Kosovo side in 1999 has applied the implementation
of market economy and the political democracy as well as innovative practices for
the safety of people. Private security initiatives rapidly have taken shape, while police
structures have tried to ensure the order and peace. Most of the PSS are formed from
former fighters of the Kosovo Liberation Army, former military officers of the Yugoslav
National Army (YNA) and indiviuals with security experience. Rapid phenomenon
of private security initiatives in a fraction can be explained in a symbolic way, in
order to adapt to new conditions, but in the field which answers to their working
potentials (security) and to have financial benefit. Something similar happened with
former fighters in other areas of conflict in the former Yugoslavia. However, cannot
be excluded the fact that more such initiatives have come from the previous
entrepreneurs, who transferred their knowledge obtained in the Western Europe.
Private Security in Kosovo
Private security in Kosovo is increasing from day to day. Safety of the accuracy of

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