List of abbreviations

AuthorOuhnaoui, Hania; Bribosia, Emmanuelle; Navasartian, Areg; Rorive, Isabelle
BCSO: Framework Ordinance of 25 April 2019 to ensure a diversity policy and to combat
discrimination in the local Brussels civil service (Brussels Capital Region)
BEMO: Ordinance of 4 September 2008 relating to the fight against discrimination and
equal treatment in the employment field in Brussels-Capital Region (Brussels Capital
BETO: Ordinance of 5 October 2017 aiming to combat discrimination and promote equal
treatment in the Region of Brussels-Capital (Brussels Capital Region)
CED: Decree of 9 July 2010 on the fight against certain forms of discrimination and on the
implementation of the principle of equal treatment (Cocof)
CEMD: Decree of 22 March 2007 on equal treatment between persons in vocational
training, implementing Directives 97/80/EC, 2000/43/EC, 2000/78/EC, 2002/207/EC and
2006/54/EC in the field of vocational training including vocational guidance, learning,
advanced vocational training and retraining in Brussels-Capital Region (Cocof)
FLED: Framework Decree for the Flemish equal opportunities and equal treatment policy
of 10 July 2008 (Flemish Region)
FLEMD: Decree of 8 May 2002 on proportionate participation in the employment market:
only applies in very specific situations, in which case FLED is not applicable (Flemish
FRED: Decree of the French Community adopted on 12 December 2008 on the fight against
certain forms of discrimination (French Community)
GAFA: Federal Act of 10 May 2007 pertaining to fight certain forms of discrimination
(Federal State)
GED: Decree of 19 March 2012 aiming at fighting certain forms of discrimination (German-
speaking Community)
GEFA: Federal Act of 10 May 2007 pertaining to fight discrimination between women and
men (Federal State)
REFA: Federal Act of 10 May 2007 amending the Act of 30 July 1981 criminalising certain
acts inspired by racism or xenophobia (Federal State)
WEMD: Decree of 6 November 2008 on the fight against certain forms of discrimination,
including discrimination between women and men, in the field of economy, employment
and vocational training (Walloon Region)

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