List of acronyms

AuthorAnglmayer, Irmgard
Bette r Regulati on practice s in national parliame nts
List of acronyms
BR Better Regulation
CEC Com ité d'évalua tion et de contrôle politiques publiques (Fr an ce)
DG IPOL Directorate-General of Internal Policies (Euro pean Parliament)
ECPR D Europ ean Centre for Parliamentary Research and Documentation
EP European Parliament
EPRS European Parliamentary Research Service
EU European Union
EVAL Ex-post Evaluation Unit (European Parliament)
IA impact assessment
IAO Impact Assessment Office (Italy)
IIA-BL M Interinstit utional Agreement on Better Law-Ma king
IMPA Ex-ante Impact Assess ment Unit (European Parliament)
MEC Miss ion d'év aluation et du contr ôle (France)
MEP Member of th e European Par liament
OECD Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Develo p m ent
OJ Official Jou rnal (EU)
OPB O Office of the Par liamentar y Budget Officer (Canada)
PBO Parliamentary Budget Office (Austria)
PCA Parliamentary Control of the Administration (Switzerland)
PLS po st-legis lativ e scru tiny
PMO Feder al Performance Management Office (Austria)
REGS Standing Joint Committee for the Scrutiny of Regulations (Canada)
RIA Regulatory impact analysis
RPC Regulato ry Policy Committee (UK)
TFEU Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union
UK Unit ed Kin gdom
UNDP Unit ed Natio ns Development Programme
WFD Westminst er Foundation for Democracy

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