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Author:Angel-Manuel Moreno

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AUSTRIA: Anna GAMPER, PhD, is Full Professor at the Institut für öffentliches Recht, Staats- und Verwaltungslehre at the University of Innsbruck Law School and a full member of the Group of experts on the European Charter of Local Self-Government (hereinafter, «ECLSG») of the Council of Europe. Her fields of research include Austrian and comparative constitutional law, general theory of the State and the Constitution as well as federalism and regionalism.

BELGIUM: Jacques BOUVIER is the Local Secretary of the Municipality of Schaerbeek and President of the French-speaking association of Administrative Sciences (Association Francophone des Sciences Administratives). He is also in charge of the training programs at the Regional School of Public Administration (Ecole Régionale d’Administration Publique) in Brussels.

BULGARIA: Alexander VODENICHAROV, J. S. D., is professor of Administrative and Municipal law at the New Bulgarian University of Sofia. He is the chairman of the Council of juridical science at the Higher Attestation Commission, Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria; full member of the Group of experts on the ECLSG of the Council of Europe; member of the Supreme Juridical Council of Bulgaria (2002-2007); former Dean of the Law School, South-Western University. He has written several books on Administrative and Municipal Law.

CYPRUS: George COUCOUNIS studied law at the University of Thessaloniki (Greece) and carried out postgraduate studies at the University College London. He is a lawyer and legal consultant for various municipalities, community councils and other authorities in Cyprus. He is a member of the Cyprus Bar Association and substitute member at the Group of experts on the ECLSG. Former Director of the Cyprus Petroleum Refinery.

CZECH REPUBLIC: Stanislav [c2e][c24][c27][c28][cff][c2e][c24][c0f] Ph.D., is professor of Administrative Law at Masaryk University Law School (Brno), where he is since 2010 the head of the Department of Administrative Studies and Administrative Law.

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He is, i.a., the vice chairman of the Public Law task group for the Legislation Council of the Czech Government and a member of the legislative commission of the Presidency of the Union of Cities and Municipalities of the Czech Republic. He has authored and co-authored several books and articles in the field of administrative law, and has participated in significant international conferences in that field.

DENMARK: Emil GREVE is PhD fellow at Aarhus University School of Law, department of Public Law and International Law. Mr. Greve is currently working on a thesis regarding the Danish Security and Intelligence Service. Apart from researching, he has taught undergraduates at Aarhus University in the discipline of case administration in the public authorities. He also provides contributions on subjects like Human Rights, Freedom of Speech and Legal Issues regarding Teenagers.

ESTONIA: Sulev MÄELTSEMEES is Professor and Chair of Local Self-Government and Regional Policy (since 1997); Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Tallinn University of Technology (since 2004). Former Chairman of the Tallinn City Council (1992-3), and Rector of...

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