Local food and factors influencing its consumption in tourist destination

AuthorMatilda Brokaj - Rezarta Brokaj
Vol. 2 No. 2
September, 2016
Balkan Journal of Interdisciplinary Research
IIPCCL Publishing, Tirana-Albania
ISSN 2410-759X
Acces online at www.iipccl.org
PhD (C.) Matilda Brokaj,
PhD (C.) Rezarta Brokaj
Thisstudyfocuseson analyzingtravelersinterestinlocalfood consumptionandthefactors
whichinuence their choice offood in touristicdestination It alsoaims at developingthe
body of knowledge in food tourism. As such, this study sought to characterize the travelers'
interest in food tourism and adding them to the existing knowledge in order to understand
and synthesising insights from food consumption and sociological research, three main factors
andphysiologicalfactors Giventhelackof researchinexamining touristfoodconsumption
systematically, the multidisciplinary approach adopted in this study allows a comprehensive
understanding of the phenomenon which forms the basis for further research and conceptual
elaboration. Motivational factors included exciting experience, escape from routine, health
concern, learning knowledge, authentic experience, togetherness, prestige, sensory appeal,
physiological factors consisted of food neophilia food neophobia and exposure eectpast
experience. This theoretical study established an in-depth understanding of consumption of
local food in destinations.
food consumption in a destination, but also provides insight into research on hospitality and
gastronomy. The implication will be very useful for the stakeholder especially food supplier,
food provider as well as government agencies in tourism department in Albania. Moreover,
the managerial contribution of this research helps the hospitality and tourism managers in
decision making focused on the food tourism.
Keywords: motivational factors, demographic factors, physiological factors, tourist, food
Niche tourism is another trend to dierentiate and to build own competitive
market includes a place or product that can be utilized as marketing tool in sustaining
theindustrybyoeringabeerand meaningfulexperiencetofullcustomerneeds
and wants. Recently, global tourism trend used gastronomy as tourism product and
has grown steadily since 2003 until nowadays and one of the obvious evidence can
be shown is the increasing of culinary travel show in media, as gastronomy tourism
has its potential to become one of these essential experiences for travellers. Thus,
gastronomy tourism has its potential in Albania. There is a need to achieve optimal

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