Mandatory Mediation in Family Disputes: Limitations and Future Foresight in Kosovo

AuthorFatime Dërmaku
PositionUniversity of Prishtina, Kosovo
European Journal of Economics, Law and Social Sciences
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
Vol. 4 No. 2
June, 2020
ISSN 2519-1284
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Mandatory Mediation in Family Disputes: Limitations and Future Foresight
in Kosovo
PhD (C.) Fatime Dërmaku
Theaimofthispaperrelies ondeningthedimensionofmandatory mediationinKosovoin
family disputes in the aspects of the advantages and limitations. The resolution of a family
disputeisa complexprocess asitcarries thelegal aspectsofthe disputewith theemotional
interest-based and it focuses mainly on the future, both of which directly impact the on-going
relationshipsbetween the familymembers Mediation hasbeen supported andencouraged
over the last decades yet its utilization remains scarce Many countries have regulated
mandatory mediation in accordance with the Directive EC in order to increase
theuse of mediation Mandatory mediation in family disputes has been debated by many
authorswith oneside advocatingitas properand benecialwhile theother sidequestions
itsreliabilityintheface ofpowerimbalanceanddomestic violenceMandatorymediationin
Kosovois usedin specicmaers in familylaw andit aims tooer theparties achance to
of mediation in Kosovo remains low which is believed to be due to the lack of recognition and
understanding by the parties, lawyers and court professionals.
The increasing rates of divorce and the deriving disputes as the maers of child
custody and the contact of the parents with the child aer divorce are pressing
challenges in most modern societies Nylund  Family disputes have their
of a dispute, considering that the parties in dispute remain linked through their
children evenaer the dispute reaches nality McFarlane A contemporary
problem of the judicial system is the overload of the courts with cases which has
led many European countries to seek the utilization of alternative dispute resolution
The use of mediation as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism has been
onthe raise over thelast decades and it hasbeen found in dierent areassuch as
labordisputescommunityfamilyandinterpersonalconict BushFolger
Recently there has been a shi in the wayfamily disputes are approached in the
judicial system as there is an increased focus on applying informal justice rather than
formalalternatives whichare considered slowermore expensiveand lesslikely to
assistance of an impartial third party, whose role is to help the parties into reaching
Vol. 4 No. 2
June, 2020
European Journal of Economics, Law and Social Sciences
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
ISSN 2519-1284
Acces online at
an agreement by themselves while remaining neutral and with no coercive authority
over the parties Brown  Marrio  Steek  Mediation has been
considereda paradox onthe basis that whileuniversally promoted theutilization
of this process as the dispute resolution mechanism in civil and commercial cases in
inthe utilizationof mediationin EuropeDe Palo CanessaAs manyother
European countries, Kosovo has adapted the law in force in accordance with the
European Directive ECDirectivewhich foresees specic maers that are
subjectedto mandatory mediation such as the familymaers of custodyalimony
Kosovo is rapidly developing in the economic and technological aspects, the social
andcultural norms seem tobe slower inshiingtheir paradigm andassuch they
could be considered a factor that highly impacts the low utilization of mediation with
Mediation in Family Disputes
Family disputes that demand a solution provided by the court or other alternative
dispute resolution mechanisms arise from the breakdown of a family be it married
ornotTheunit ofthefamilyis notastaticone Widmeranditdierentiates
duetochangingconditionsandsocialcircumstances McCarthyHooperGillies
asitcan be seen in the recent shiing of the rates of marriagesanddivorce
withtheformerconstantlydecliningandthe laerincreasingover thelastdecades
a safe environment for the parents as well as the children, a crises arises creating
Recently there has been an emerging of mediation as an established pathway
towards the dispute resolution of family maers due to the recognized benets
asthe opportunity to resolvedisputes more quickly and lessexpensively than the
traditionallitigation Roberts Mediation dueto its natureofinformal justice
carriesthevalues ofselfdeterminationexibilityandpartyfocusAbel that
have a determinative role to the potential this process has in the resolution of family
disputesand conicts consideringthefact that theinvolvedparties haveongoing
relationships that require mending and reorientation towards each other (Fuller,
The role of mediation in a family dispute, comes across in the legal goals of this
processsuch asthe negotiationof an agreeablelegal bindingselement aswellas
the emotional and psychological goals in helping all parties involved in preserving
and resolving the relationships between the partners or those between parents and
children EmeryThe growing rates of mediation in the resolution of family
dispute are considered to be due to a cumulative process of various causes as the
demise of traditional forms of dispute resolution that comes from the consequences

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