Advocating on behalf of the 150 million EU citizens aged 50 and above, AGE is reminding candidate MEPs that AGE members' vision is that of a society for all ages. They call on all candidate MEPs to take collective responsibility for designing new ways of organising our societies to ensure a fairer and more sustainable future for all generations and to tackle the ongoing economic and social crisis:

- Promote equal opportunities and the realisation of human rights for all

Many older persons cannot access working opportunities, financial services or are suffering from stereotypes due to their age. AGE strongly believes that the draft directive on equal treatment, blocked at the Council, is the right tool to offer equal opportunities to all. Current initiatives at the Council of Europe and the United Nations on the application of human rights of older persons are also very timely and need involvement and support from the European Parliament.

- Guarantee the adequacy, fairness and sustainability of Europe's social and health protection systems

The Lisbon Treaty acknowledged the need to combat inequalities, social exclusion and discrimination but also to promote a high level of employment and guarantee the adequacy of social protection. MEPs have a crucial role to play to help the EU meet the EU2020 objective on poverty reduction by working on an EU initiative towards adequate income for all.

- Ensure universal access to goods and services, in particular to the built environment, ICT, mobility and public services

Universal access is a fundamental issue to ensure effective inclusion of all. Ensuring the accessibility of infrastructures, goods and services will support independent living and decrease the cost of dependency while improving the quality of life of all and creating new jobs. AGE calls on the European Commission to launch an ambitious Accessibility Act and on MEPs to support standardisation activities in these fields and the scaling of age-friendly environments across the EU.

- Support the right to grow and age in good mental and physical health

Promoting physical and mental health across the lifecycle is a key determinant for active and healthy ageing. MEPs can request a higher budget priority to health promotion, disease prevention and reduction of health inequalities and should ensure that everyone can benefit from safe and adequate medicines and treatments.

- Create age-friendly labour markets and economy

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