PositionLouis Michel, members of the European Parliament, euro and terrorism meeting - Brief Article

Louis Michel, the Belgian Foreign Ministers attended the European Parliament's plenary session, on October 3, to present, on behalf of the EU's Belgian Presidency, the outcome of the special Summit on September 21 and the preparations for the Gent Summit on October 19. He asserted "the fight against terrorism should not divert us from other fundamental EU projects". He acknowledged that the sequel to the action plan against terrorism, decided on during the special Summit, would be added to the agenda for Gent.Mr Michel confirmed that EU government leaders would be pressing on as planned with talks on the launch of the Euro, enlargement and preparations for the Laeken-Brussels declaration. On the Euro, the European Central Bank (ECB) President, Wim Duisenberg, Didier Reynders, the Eurogroup President, and Pedro Solbes, European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, will be reporting on the economic situation in the EU and the Euro zone countries. The...

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