The European Parliament has called for the EU to protect the fundamental rights of undocumented migrant women on its territory. Following a tight vote, on 4 February, MEPs said they wanted the member states to separate migration policies from those on health.

"I am pleased that this resolution was adopted today by the European Parliament but appalled by the narrow margin by which it passed," said rapporteur Norica Nicolai (ALDE, Romania). Her report was adopted by 327 votes for and 303 against. Several paragraphs were deleted, including the one calling for an explicit recognition of undocumented migrant women as "a vulnerable social group exposed to trafficking, discrimination and exploitation on the labour market".

The non-legislative resolution wishes to reinforce the access undocumented migrants have to health care services, education and reporting crimes. MEPs are calling for a common legal framework for immigration policies to protect migrants and potentially vulnerable victims from different forms of organised crime. They are also encouraging member states to not force health care professionals to report undocumented migrants. In addition, they recommend finally putting an end to detaining minors on the basis of their immigrant status, protecting children from breaches of migrant policies or procedures and adopting alternative measures to detention by allowing children to stay with relatives or guardians. The rapporteur commented on the situation, saying "Before using and manipulating immigration...

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