The modern company management system based upon competencies

AuthorSylwia Cmiel
KEY WORDS: human resources management, strategic management, organizational management.
Several factors guarantee a favorable development of a company i.a
good marketing policy, financial stability and, most of all, the human
factor. This factor is an essential part of the company’s overall strategy.
The company’s competencies are extremely important. Organizational
competencies are a source of sustainable competitive advantage in the XXI
century. The company’s organizational competencies must be aligned with
its strategic ones in order to help further its mission and realize its marketing
goals. No company’s strategy is to be successfully implemented without
those competencies.
Strategic competencies are based upon core competencies. Building
strategic competencies entails having underlying knowledge bases and
resources, ability to coordinate different technological innovations and
manage many complex streams of technology, which results in introducing
an array of new products and services. Strategic competencies stem from the
collective learning process within the company; they are not linked to one
particular location in the firm, do not become obsolete, and they are hard to
be imitated by the competitors1.
1. The management system based upon competencies
Every organization needs purposeful and rational competency building.
Employees’ competencies are the company’s most valuable resource.
Today human resources departments do not only deal with recruitment,
workforce analysis, training and development, but also attempt to manage
employees’ competences in conformity with the company’s long term
* Sylwia Ćmiel University of Euroregional Economy Alcide De Gasperi in Józefów
1 E. MASTYK-MUSIAŁ (ed.), Zarz>dzanie kompetencjami w organizacji, Warszawa
2005, p. 34.

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