Modern entrepreneurship and strategic management - Strategic entrepreneur-ship for SME's in Kosovo

AuthorShpresim Vranovci
Vol. 3 No. 1
January, 2019
European Journal of Economics, Law and Social Sciences
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
ISSN 2519-1284
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Modern entrepreneurship and strategic management - Strategic entrepreneur-
ship for SME’s in Kosovo
Shpresim Vranovci
This manuscript describes the role and importance of strategy in the modern enterprises that
operate in fast-changing business conditions. It gives the conceptual de nition for the strategic
entrepreneurship and its broad application not only to small enterprises but also to large
companies and companies in the public sector.It describes the key characteristics of modern
strategies with an emphasis on the necessity of strategic analysis of business opportunities
and possibilities. This paper creates a model of strategic enterprises to show the relationship
between modern entrepreneurship and strategic management. Special a ention is paid to
clarify the domain of strategic enterprise-wide applications and to display and involve the
concept in modern business practice.
Keywords: strategic entrepreneurship, strategic analysis, model, modern economy.
Strategic entrepreneurship for Kosovo’s (SMEs) is very important for the economy
since there are many well organized companies, but because of their small size
and lack of nancial strength, they are not able to independently compete in the
international market.
However, SMEs very o en have insu cient capacity and inadequate resources, and
this is becoming an increasingly serious obstacle to modern thinking and strategy
of sustainable development of Kosovo SMEs. Strategic linking and networking is a
necessity in modern business, and it allows expansion of business cooperation, be er
access to resources, and increases the exibility, speed, and quality of business.
Combined with virtual business, where physical presence and the performance of
business activities become irrelevant, networking allows overdra until recently all
physical constraints are expelled from business activities.
On the other hand, virtualization enables connecting various business activities
that previously were not connected. Today, business networking is widely accepted
in the developed world. Networking and globalization have enabled numerous
and complex possibilities of acquiring and combining business resources. Today,
companies can temporarily hire additional sta or lease to another company for a
partial or total performance of business activities. They can unite their resources with
the resources of other companies through partnerships and strategic alliances.
If Kosovo SMEs want to survive in the global economic environment, it is necessary
to de ne the areas in which they can achieve superior results, and then focus their
business towards goals. To build a competitive advantage, SMEs need to develop
a cooperative relationship with their partners as envisaged in the new concept of

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