Monetary expenditures and services in electoral campaigns

AuthorSadik Haxhiu - Fejzulla Berisha
PositionFaculty of Law, 'Kadri Zeka' University-Gjilan
Vol. 3 No. 3
January, 2018
Balkan Journal of Interdisciplinary Research
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
ISSN 2410-759X
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Monetary expenditures and services in electoral campaigns
Sadik Haxhiu
Faculty of Law, "Kadri Zeka" University-Gjilan
Fejzulla Berisha
Faculty of Law, "Kadri Zeka" University-Gjilan
Monetary expenditures in electoral campaigns are complex, challenging and dynamic. They
are implemented through: spending programs, professional and auxiliary teams as well as
legal protection. Monetary expenditures from decades to decades have changed in quantitative
Each country has sanctioned legal acts with regards to: campaign nancing, campaign
spending, spending criteria, limited and unlimited campaign spending, limiting campaign
contributions, etc.
Specically, each country regulates illegal campaign expenditures and punitive measures
against the holders of these abuses.
Today in the contemporary world it is challenging to control the expenditure of electoral
campaigns, whether of money or services.
Keywords: electoral campaigns, monetary expenditures, monetary contributions, spending
programs, administrative nes.
Electoral campaigns can not even be imagined without a certain cost of nancial
expenses. They are constantly becoming complex and very costly in the nancial and
service sense. In this context, being so costly and complex, they pose diculties for
state bodies that run election management and administration.
This is mainly due to the way in which campaigns are funded and services in
campaigns, because they are oen being made from suspicious nancial resources
and virtual electronic services.
Organizing democratic elections according to the most advanced standards, legal
acts should be sanctioned. These standards include:
- Monetary expenditures and services in electoral campaigns.
- Limited campaign costs.
- Limiting public and private funds and donations, as a tool for controlling
spending on electoral campaigns.
- Monetary expenditures from non-legal sources of funding.
- Illegal campaign expenditures and punitive measures.
Through these principles and standards, monetary spending on electoral campaigns
can be controlled and limited.

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