Motivational factors of Albanian women to become entrepreneurs

AuthorIrida Miko
PositionDepartament of Management 'Luarasi' University
Balkan Journal of Interdisciplinary Research
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
ISSN 2410-759X
Acces online at
Vol. 5 No.2
September, 2019
Motivational factors of Albanian women to become entrepreneurs
Msc. Irida Miko
Departament of Management
“Luarasi” University
Entrepreneurship plays an important role in the economic development of a country. It is even
quali ed as an engine for economic progress as it can be a factor where are built all entities of
a country. It is an important factor that is related with employment, production and increasing
opportunities. In our country are employed around 50% of the workforce, a number that is
steadily decreasing due to low performance of this sector. The growth of entrepreneurship
performance will have a major impact not only on improving the lives of entrepreneurs and
employees, but also in the development of this vital sector in the welfare of the country.
The paper analyses the motivational factors of Albanian women to become entrepreneurs.
On the other side this research outlines the key motivational concepts by showing
current statistical data. The main weight is put on the following themes: basic concepts of
entrepreneurship as well as issues related to female entrepreneurship in the Albanian society,
factors that motivate women to open their own business, challenges of women entrepreneurs
in Albania andconclusion. Furthermore, it presents a deeper insight into entrepreneurial
values to work and continue as entrepreneurs. Finally, this research focuses on the suggestions
for improvements to support female entrepreneurs in a be er way.
Albania is a developing country, which has an experience of 26 years (1990-2015) democracy
and free market. 2011 marked the beginning of the decline in the Albanian economy as a result
of the impact of the global economic crisis. These negative developments were re ected in
an increased uncertainty and contributed to the reduction of private consumption as well as
investment. According to the World Bank report 'Doing Business 2012-2013 ", Albania ranks
85th out of 185 economies, a better ranking than other countries of the Western Balkans, such
as Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia.
Entrepreneurial activity has been identi ed as a driving force for economic growth, creation
of jobs and social expansion. It is perceived as an engine of economic and social development
worldwide.The number of active enterprises at the end of 2011 in Albania was around
106,503,which is an increase by 65% compared with active enterprises in 2005. The number
of enterprises that are directed or owned by women is 27%. (INSTAT, 2011)
Over recent years, women entrepreneurs received a growing interest due to the increased
participation of women. This growing interest is re ected by actual numbers of entrepreneurial
activities. In the last years it is noticed a growing number of women seeking to be independent
and take a certain entrepreneurial activity. According to the report (UNIDO, 2001) productive
activities of women, especially in the SME sector, empower them economically and allow
them to contribute more to the overall development. Whether they are involved in small
business or medium, in the formal or informal, entrepreneurial activity of women it is not only
a way of economic survival, but there are positive social consequences for woman herself and

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