Needs of Modern Education in Madaaris: Case study in Pakistan

Author:Ubair Anjum
Position:University of Punjab, Pakistan
Vol. 3 No. 3
November 2017
ISSN 2410-3918
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Academic Journal of Business, Administration, Law and Social Sciences
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
Needs of Modern Education in Madaaris: Case study in Pakistan
Ubair Anjum
University of Punjab, Pakistan
A er the changing situations of peace across the globe along with the advent of 9/11, madrassah
educational system has gained much a ention because of purported relationship between the
students of these madaaris and terrorism. Appositeness between the educational prospects
of madaaris and terrorism has become an igneous argument. Especially western world is
completely in favor of doctrine that these educational institutions are generating capacious
number of terrorists. Educational system of these madaaris does not provide job opportunities
equal to that of modern education system,due to this reason these graduates are involved in
illegitimate activities a er the completion of their education. Educational curriculum taught at
madaaris is not according to the devoir of modern world. An in-depth study of the madrassa
education system is require, in order to understand comprehensively the type of modern
syllabus and methods of education require for the integration. This paper highlights the fact
that curriculum of madrassah education system should be incorporated with the modern
studies so that graduated students can deal e ectively with the challenges of modern world.
And delusions about these institutions can be dematerialized e ectively. A detail interview
session is conducted with the students and teachers of madaaris in Lahore (Pakistan), in order
to understand speci cally their concerns and engrossments about the modernization of their
education system.
Keywords: Maadaris, Education, Pakistan.
I ntroduction
The role of education in the society cannot be repudiated. An entrenched educational
framework is an essential constituent of a socialized country and society. Its
signi cance is obvious in third world countries specially, as it plays a noteworthy
role for the improvement of individual and social infrastructure of society. As an
alternative educational system in comparison to the western educational system,
religious education from madaaris has played a vital role in the history of Islam by
ful lling the needs of Islamic society. Despite of the fact that madaaris are the most
indigenous Islamic education institutions in Pakistan, they have always been at the
focal point of discussion on radicalization and extremism of society since the Pakistan
has joined the US war on terrorism a er 9/11. Fundamentalism and extremism are the
most recognized buzzwords highlighted across the globe during the war of terror. Not
only this but these terminologies are ceaselessly a ached with the madaaris. There
has no solution o ered for the problem of extremism so far and this has become he y
scapegoats for the rest of world. The madaaris are considered as a critical medium
for promoting religious extremism, sectarian, social and political views which leads
towards the terrorism. This is the most highlighted time and again there is a need to
change conventional philosophies of madaaris with legitimate Islamic values, and
provides a productive and valuable curriculum to madaaris, so that these madaaris

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