Occupational social security schemes (Chapter 2 of Directive 2006/54)

AuthorPavlou, Vera
6 Occupational social security schemes (Chapter 2 of Directiv e 2006/54)
6.1 General (legal) context
6.1.1 Surveys and reports on the practical difficulties linked to occupational and/or
statutory social security issues
There are no recent national surveys or reports concerning occupational or statutory social
security issues.
6.1.2 Other issues related to gender equality and social security
There are no other issues.
6.1.3 Political and societal debate and pending legislative proposals
There are no pending legislative proposals concerning gender equality and social security.
6.2 Direct and indirect discrimination
Law 133(I)/2002 on equal treatment between men and women in occupat ional social
insurance schemes prohibits direct and indirect discrimination on the ground of sex
(Articles 2, 3 and 4).
6.3 Personal scope
Article 3(1A) of Law 133(I)/2002 is a direct translation of Article 6 of Directive 2006/54.
6.4 Material scope
Article 3(1B) of Law 133(I)/2002 is a direct translation of Article 7 of Directive 2006/54.
6.5 Exclusions
Article 3(1A) and (1B) of Law No. 133(I)/2002 have incorporated th e same exclusions as
specified under Article 8 of Directive 2006/54.
The occupational social insurance scheme includes provisions that provide benefits to
employees in the public and private sector s and to employees and self-employed people
in the same company o r group of companies, wh ich supplement or replace the benefits
under the social insurance scheme.
6.6 Laws and case law falling under the examples of sex discrimination
mentioned in Article 9 of Directive 2006/54
There is no difference between men and w omen in occupational social security schemes;
men and women enjoy the same benefits.
6.7 Actuarial factors
In Cyprus, sex is not used as an actuarial factor in occupational social secu rity schemes.
6.8 Difficulties
In Cyprus there is a d istinction between statutory pension schemes and occupational
pension schemes. The general social in surance scheme (GSIS) and the social pension
scheme are statutory, while occupational pension schemes for employees in the public

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