Overall assessment

AuthorNicole Mathé
12 Overall assessment
The following transposition problems were mentioned in this report:
1. Lack of case law on the topics,
2. Istanbul Convention not yet ratified,
3. Test-Achats ruling of the CJEU not yet fully implemented .
From a purely theoretical legal view it can be confirmed that the implementation of the EU
gender equality acquis in Liechtenstein is sati sfactory. However, because of the lack of
case law concerning gender equality, it is difficult to assess whether enforcement is
satisfactory as well. Sin ce 1999, namely for more than 20 years, the Law on Gender
Equality has been in existence but the various topics on gender equality are still rarely
debated in public with a marginal status. Nevertheless, active awar eness-raising
campaigns28 concerning gender equality are conducted on a regular basis. Moreover,
Liechtenstein wanted to send out a signal with the creation of the new Association for
Human Rights, which has the clear mission to progress all matters concerning human
rights, including gender equality, in an independent and objective manner.
28 See since January 2017 on the website of the Office for Social Services

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