Overall assessment

AuthorRomina Bartolo
12 Overall assessment
The following transposition problems were mentioned in this report:
1. No gender balance in Parliament;
2. The gender pay gap persists;
3. It is not clear whether a hypothetical comparator would be allowed in equal pay cases
since there is no case law on this;
4. Lack of wage transparency.
Overall, Malta has implemented EU law in accordance with its obligations, alth ough in the
vast majority of instances it has not gone beyond the minimum dictated by the EU acquis.
The low female employment rate in Malta ne cessitates additi onal measures to facilit ate
the retention of women in the labour market. More positive action measures would
potentially increase the number of women in the labour market and decrease their drop-
out rate. Measures to specifically support women in their care responsibilities would also
address Malta ’s low birth rate, which is a result of women having to choose between a
career/work and a family.

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