Parental Involvement in Education, Challenges and Recommendations for the Future

AuthorMexhit Hajdari Flutura Muja
PositionUniversity of Tirana, Kukës Branch, Albania
IIPCCL Publishing, Tirana-Albania
Academic Journal of Business, Administration, Law and Social Sciences Vol. 1 No. 3
November 2015
ISSN 2410-3918
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Parental Involvement in Education, Challenges and Recommendations for
the Future
Mexhit Hajdari
University of Tirana, Kukës Branch, Albania
Flutura Muja
University of Tirana, Kukës Branch, Albania
Main purpose of this study is to make a general assessment of parental involvement in education
and to give ideas of the way of their involvement to the benefit of a better quality of education
for children in Albania. Despite the role of parents in education is considered important in
official documents and in the daily propaganda, in reality, the parental movement and parental
involvement in education is at low levels and does not provide the necessary influence to a
better education of children. Projects and programs implemented by foreign organizations have
brought positive experiences in the new conceptions and commitment of activities through the
application of contemporary methods and approaches in the field of parenting movement.
Nevertheless, these experiences are not sent further ahead and now they have remained just as
memories of the past. Based on the principle that the fulfillment of the mission of education can
not be done only by school teachers, but it needs the engagement of other factors, among them,
parents have an irreplaceable role, the study can assess what is already achieved and can propose
ways of strengthening the involvement of parents in education in the Albanian territory.
The study was conducted based on the review and analysis of official documentations of the
administration and that of foreign organizations. Questionnaires and interviews were
developed and later analysed. As a source of the data collection and analysis were round
tables/meetings with stakeholders of education. The study points out that the involvement of
parents in education is at lower levels than the pace and goals of education reform in Albania.
This situation is due to the insufficient awareness of parents about their role and involvement in
education, lack of knowledge and skills of parents to fulfill this role and demotivating policies
by authorities at central and school levels to realize the openess to parents.
This is also demonstrated by the fact that the experiences of such programs implemented by
foreign organizations in Albania had not achieved their targeted sustainability. This study could
not have been completed without the assistance and kindness of many people. We wish to
acknowledge and express our appreciation of these people for their invaluable contributions.
First, we would like to thank the relevant institutions respectively RED and School management/
principals that supported us with official documentation. Second, we owe our deepest gratitude
to interviewed teachers and parents as well as all others who have contributed substantially to
the quality of this study. We are truly grateful for their time, trust, and commitment.
Keywords: Involvement, parents, education, involvement ways/methods, projects,
Referring to studies made on education, special attention is paid to the importance of
parental involvement in education. As M. Fullan notes, “the boundaries of the school

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