Policy recommendations

AuthorEuropean Institute for Gender Equality (EU body or agency)
1. Policy recommendations
11Intimate partner violence and witness intervention: what are the deciding factors?
1. Policy recommendations
(1) For instance, the campaign Non.No.Nein. Say no! Stop violence against women (see: https://ec.europa.eu/justice/saynostopvaw/index.html ).
The EU and Member States should raise
awareness on intimate partner violence
in all its forms
The EU could suppor t both civil society and
national efforts by:
providing funding for organisations that
support witnesses and victims of intimate
partner violence through education and
awareness raising;
building on existing information mate-
rial (1) to create new resources;
facilitating the exchange of experience
and good practice; and
building evidence on effec tive methods
to raise awareness across all Member
Learning materials for witnesses could help
them reco gnise intimate par tner violence in
all its forms, explain how to initiate a conver-
sation with the victim if they are concerned
about someone they know, and provide
guidance on who to contact for further
information. Member States could develop
resources specifically for witnesses of inti-
mate partner violence; expand existing
materials aimed solely at victims to include
witnesses among the intended audience;
examine the effectiveness of these meas-
ures to identif y areas for improvement;
and highlight that intimate partner violence
takes many forms, of which physical vio-
lence is just one.
The EU and Member States should
encourage witnesses to act even when they
are unsure about the situation, and provide
advice on possible courses of action
In collaboration with Member States and
EU-level organisations supporting vic tims
of intimate partner violence, the EU could
develop or collate materials that outline the
range of courses of action available to wit-
nesses. Such materials would help witnesses
make an informed choice about which course
of action to follow. The EU could promote
and disseminate such material, or provide
support to Member States and civil society
organisations to do so.
Resources and public campaigns should:
emphasise that it is difficult to be certain
about intimate partner violence;
encourage witnesses to act even when
they are unsure what to do and advise
them on the possible courses of action
and issues to consider when talking to
the victim;
advise on how to reach out to suppor t ser-
vices, how to accompany the victim to sup-
port services and how to repor t the issue
to the authorities;
emphasise that all action can be helpful
and the most appropriate course of action
depends on the circumstances; and
direct witnesses to where they can seek
further specialist adv ice.

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