Possible options for modernization and energy efficiency of TPP Oslomej

AuthorImer Zenku
PositionESM JSC ? Skopje, Subsidiary MPC 'Oslomej' - Kicevo
Vol. 5 No.2
September, 2019
Balkan Journal of Interdisciplinary Research
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
ISSN 2410-759X
Acces online at www.iipccl.org
Possible options for modernization and energy e ciency of TPP Oslomej
Imer Zenku
ESM JSC – Skopje, Subsidiary MPC “Oslomej” - Kicevo
The modernization and improvement of the energy e ciency of TPP Oslomej, the second
largest production facility part of ELEM JSC, will provide development and extension of its
operational life, including a performance increase.
Therefore, the issue elaborated in this paper is quite contemporary and will cover, process
and analyze the three most important options for modernization, including the fuel supply
options of TPP Oslomej.
The modernization will have a direct positive impact on the entire electric energy system, the
economic development of the municipality, the region and the whole country, the employments
as well as for meeting and ful lling the strictest European standards for protection and
preservation of the environment. The modernization would also have an important role and a
direct impact on the creation and increase of company competitiveness, in conditions of a fully
liberalized electricity market in the Republic of Macedonia, which according to the new Law
on Energy is expected as of 1 January 2019.
In this context, the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia published a public call
for the selection of a universal electricity supplier, and the selection of the best bidder initiated
the full implementation of the electricity market liberalization process.
Keywords: e ciency, e ectiveness, development, competitiveness, electricity.
A very important element for the development of the economy of each country is of
course the electricity production sector together with its production facilities. In the
context of TPP Oslomej, as the second largest production facility part of ESM JSC, it
is very important for the electric power system as a whole, in terms of employment
and economic development of the municipality, the region and the country. The plant
has an installed capacity of 125 MW, and in the period 1980-2018 the total production
of electricity amounted to 17 226 033 [MWh], which represents 85.17% of its total
planned production of 20 226 152 [MWh], reaching an average annual production of
441 693 [MWh] (TPP Oslomej, 2018, p.7). In recent years that is from 2012 onwards
the planned production of electricity in TPP Oslomej has drastically decreased, year
a er year, due to lack of coal, however there is an even more drastic reduction in the
actual production.
On the other hand, due to the numerous unproductive politically driven employments,
practiced nowadays, the number of employees increased enormously. This led to
an increase of the produced electricity price. This points to an extremely ine cient
operation of TPP Oslomej, and extremely unacceptable electricity production, thus
jeopardizing its market position, competitiveness, including the position in the event

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