Process of depoliticization of civil servants in the Republic of Macedonia

AuthorXhemazie Ibraimi
PositionAAB-University, Ferizaj, Kosovo
ISSN 2410-3918 Academic Journal of Business, Administration, Law and Social Sciences Vol 1 No 1
Acces online at IIPCCL Publishing, Tirana-Albania March 2015
Process of depoliticization of civil servants in the Republic of Macedonia
Dr. Xhemazie Ibraimi
AAB-University, Ferizaj, Kosovo
In administrative theory and practice, there is a dilemma whether public administrators should be
chosen based on political criteria, based on professional values conrmed by the job performances
or based by the combination of these two principles.
e Republic of Macedonia as a country aiming the Integration in the EU, and fullling the
criteria’s of Copenhagen, should aim at building up a qualitative civil administration comprised
of public servants who perform their duties in order to realize the citizen’s rights and interests,
regardless their political orientation, politically amorphous, and serving as a good enforcer of law
and order. In this sense, main objective of this paper is to analyze the process of Depoliticization of
civil servants in Macedonia as one of the main criteria’s toward EU.
Keywords: Depoliticization, Administration, Public Servants.
e process of depoliticization of administration and administrative sta-civil servants is
an inevitable process separated from the legal system, but de facto, it seems like it will never
be implemented in Macedonia. Administration Services in Macedonia are considered as
some kind of property and the government as a mechanism to gain individual interests,
not as a mechanism created especially to serve the people. e politicization of the
administration, corruption, and avoidance of social services at the expense of society in
favor of individual interests, has enabled the government to lose its legitimate goals and
transformed into a machine supporting the minority at the expense of the majority. (Zakon
za organizacija i raboti na organite na drzhavnata uprava, No. 28/2000). In a country
where public administrative services are generated for public interests, not one individual
can be more privileged than the other in governmental positions. ese positions are
not designed for specic individuals at the expense of the society. e administrative
sta represents the state at a low-level in contact with the citizen. On the other hand the
administration is at the peak of the executive power pyramid. Its task is to deal with the
implementation, coordination, and improvement of a policy of the government.
e process of depoliticization of public administration in the Republic of Macedonia
Article 45 of the Constitution of RM bans the political action and organization of
administrative bodies. State administrative bodies carry out their duties independently,
based on law and constitution and are responsible to the government. But, public servants
do not have the right to be politicized by performing at any party activity outside the

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