Professional services regulation: estate agents

AuthorPinkel, Tobias
Consum er mar ket stud y on the fun ctio ning of the r eal estate servi ces for consum ers in the EU Coun try Fiche Germ any
9. Professional services r egulat ion: estate agents
9.1 Mar ket entry and st ruct ure regulation
Ta ble 20: M ar ket ent ry an d st ru cture re gula tio n
Regu lati on
Subj ect ive
re quirement s
Qual ificati ons ( level and durati on of edu cation and
tr aining , diplo mas, ex ams, tr aineeships or
pr ofessi onal ex perien ce requ irem ent s, con course)
requ ired to become an esta te agent in your cou ntr y.
Other acce ss re quir eme nts for a pro fessio nal (such
as com pulsory mem bership in prof ession al
bod ies/ compulsor y registrat ion, minim um age
requir ement s, cl ean cri min al r ecord , et c.)
Real esta te agent s n eed a lice nse u nder § 34c Trad e Regu lat ion Act
(Gew O). Until now , t he sta ndar d t o r eceiv e a license is rest rict ed t o
bei ng a rel iabl e perso n.
A sp ecific edu cati on i n r eal estat e bu siness i s not a requ irem ent.
This is, howev er, in th e pr ocess of bei ng ch anged , an d the
envi saged lega l change is likely to b e su ccessfu l. Draf t legisl ation
for esees that real esta te a gent s m ay only obta in a permissi on if
th ey pr ove knowl edge in the fiel d (Sach kund enach weis) and pr ove
pr ofession al i nsur ance. I f a real est ate agen t h as al ready been
registered for six yea rs, the ad dit iona l pe rmi ssion is not r equired. 63
Ob ject ive re qui rem ent s
Do num eru s clause s and ot her ob ject ive
requir ement s exist ?
Lice nce re qui rem en ts
Are est ate agen ts l icenc ed or do t hey work as
em pl oy ees?
Most rea l est ate agent work indep enden tly , bu t b oth is possible.
Cit ize nsh ip
re quirement s
Is u nlim it ed access t o t he pr ofession granted to
foreign pr ofession als de iu re and de f act o?
Yes. The form er nat iona lity requ irem ent s has been w aive d fo llow ing
ECJ ju risp rud ence.
I nt er -p rof ession al
coo per at ion
Are est ate agen ts a llow ed t o exerci se an oth er
pr ofessi on o r busi ness act ivity ? I s int er-p rofe ssional
cooper ati on r egulat ed?
Yes. As t he a ctiv iti es of agent s ar e ( yet) n ot regu lated, th ere are no
limi tat ions on exer cisin g ot her professi ons o r i nter-p rofe ssional
cooper ati on e ith er.
63 Dr aft Act of t he Fe deral Gover nm ent (Gese tzent wu rf d er Bu ndesr egie rung ): Ent wur f ein es Gese tzes zur Ei nfüh run g ein er Be rufs zulass ungsr egelu ng f ür gewe rblic he I mm obil ienm akle r un d
Ver walt er v on W ohnu ngsei gent um, BT-Dr s 18 /1 019 0, o nlin e at: h ttp :/ / dip2 1.bu ndest ag. de/ dip2 1/ btd/ 18 /1 01/ 181 019 0.pd f.

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