Professional services regulation: estate agents

AuthorBergsaker, Trygve
Consum er mar ket stud y on the fun ctio ning of the r eal estate servi ces for consum ers in the EU Coun try Fiche Norw ay
9. Professional services r egulat ion: estate agents
9.1 Mar ket entry and st ruct ure regulation
Ta ble 20: M ar ket ent ry an d st ru cture reg ulation
Regu lati on
Subj ect ive
re quirement s
Qual ificati ons ( level and durati on of edu cation and
tr aini ng, diplom as, exa ms, train eeship s or
pr ofessi onal ex perien ce requ irem ent s, con cours)
requ ired to become an esta te agent in your cou ntr y.
Other acce ss requ irem ent s fo r a pro fessio nal (such
as com pulsory mem bership in prof ession al
bod ies/ comp ulsor y r egist rat ion, minimum age
requir ement s, cl ean cri min al r ecord , et c.)
Thr ee y ears ed ucat ion, bache lor leve l ex am. Two yea rs p ract ice.
Licence n eeded . Mu st b e ov er 18, cl ean crim inal recor d.
Ob ject ive re qui rem ent s
Do num eru s clause s and ot her ob ject ive
requir ement s exist ?
Lice nce re qui rem en ts
Are est ate agen ts l icenc ed or do t hey work as
em pl oy ees?
Bot h
Cit ize nsh ip
re quirement s
Is u nlim it ed access to the p rofessi on g rant ed to
foreign pr ofession als de iu re and de fact o?
Nor wegian cit izen ship is n ot a p recond ition for bei ng a rea l est ate
agent in Nor way. A Nor wegian licence may b e issu ed t o p ersons
hav ing t he necessa ry qualification s fro m anot her EEA sta te.
Prof ession als b ased wit hin EEA m ay cond uct real est ate agen cy in
Nor way if th ey:
Mov e to Nor way to co nduct r eal est ate ag ency ;
Hav e the n ecessar y i ndem nity in surance;
Not ify the Norw egian Finan cial Superv ision Aut hority .
I nt er -p rof ession al
coo per at ion
Are est ate agen ts a llow ed t o exerci se an oth er
pr ofessi on o r busi ness act ivity ? I s int er-p rofe ssional
cooper ati on r egulat ed?
Som e li mit ation s to o ther prof essions or busin esses. Com panies
con duct ing real est ate agen cy m ay as a general rul e not engage in
any business th at is not natu rally connect ed with real est ate agency
(such as evaluati on servi ces, real esta te administ rat ion et c.) .
Emp loyees m ay not be e ngaged in r eal e stat e trad ing or any other

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