Professional services regulation: lawyers or other licensed conveyancers

AuthorSchmid, Christoph U.; Pinkel, Tobias
Consum er mar ket stud y on the fun ctio ning of the r eal estate servi ces for consum ers in the EU Coun try Fiche Th e Net herlan ds
8. Professional ser vices regulation: law yer s or ot her licensed conveyancers (only relevant if legally adm itted t o per form real
est ate t ransact ions and/ or to assist the conclusion of tenan cy agreements)
8.1 Mar ket entry and st ruct ure regulation
Ta ble 18: Mar ke t e nt ry a nd str uct ure reg ula tion
Regu lati on
Subj ect ive re qui rem en ts
Cond itions (diplomas, exam s, concou rs) requ ired to becom e a
law yer in y our cou ntr y.
Not relev ant in th e Net her land s for t he real esta te
Ob ject ive re qui rem ent s
Do num eru s clause s and ot her ob ject ive r equir emen ts exist ?
Cit ize nsh ip
re quirement s
Are foreign candidat es ad mit ted de i ure and also d e facto u nder
th e sam e con dition s as n atio nals?
I nt er -p rof ession al
coo per ation
Are for ms of c ollab orat ion bet ween law yer s an d ot her
pr ofessionals allow ed and usual?
Busin ess st ru ctu re
Are law yer associ ations/ corp orat ions allo wed?
Geog raph ical l imit atio ns
Are th ere lim itat ion s wi th respect to th e ar ea in which the law yer
can exe rcise h is/her acti vit ies ( e.g . at t he r egio nal or mu nicipal
lev el) ?
Are t hese limit ation restricted to speci fic t asks?

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