Professional services regulation: lawyers or other licensed conveyancers

AuthorHristova, Nataliya
Consum er mar ket stud y on the fun ctio ning of the r eal estate servi ces for consum ers in the EU Coun try Fiche Bulgaria
8. Professional services r egulation: lawyers or ot her licensed conveyancers ( only r elevant if legally admit t ed to perform real
est ate t ransact ions and/ or to assist the conclusion of tenan cy agreements)
8.1 Mar ket entry and st ruct ure regulation
Ta ble 1 8: Mark et en tr y a nd str uct ure regu lat ion
Regu lati on
Sub ject ive
requirem ent s
Cond it ions (dip lomas,
exam s and con cours)
requ ired to become a
law yer in y our cou ntr y.
1. Hig her Law Deg ree (Mast er level) ;
2. Two y ears of experience ( th e pe riod of exper ience is t he ti me of p ract isin g a profession for which hig her law
edu cation and legal capaci ty is requ ired, includin g as a judge-assistant in Sup rem e Cassa tion or Sup rem e
Adm ini str ativ e Cou rt, Pros ecut or a ssist ant i n Supr eme Cassat ion or Sup rem e Ad min istrati ve Prosecut or’ s
Off ice, an investigat ing po lice offi cer at th e Min istry of int erior or in t he Depar tm ent of Defence wit h h ighe r
law deg ree or an i nvest igat ing I nspecto r at Cust oms Ag ency wit h hi gher law degr ee);
3. Licen se for legal Practi ce as required by Judi ciary Act;
4 Successfu lly passed exa m, w rit ten and or al.
All req uirem ent s are s ett led in th e Law on At to rne ys 2 004 .
Obj ective
requ irem ent s
Do num erus clauses and
ot her ob ject ive
requir ement s exist ?
Yes. The Law yer is a p erson , w ho:
1. Has t aken an oath to carr y ou t h is/her dut ies conscien tiou s in accord ance to Const itu tion , la ws an d m orals,
to pro tect all right s and int erest s of his/ her client s wit h all r eason able mean s and not to issue t heir secr ets;
2. Hasn ’t been sent enced to im pri sonm ent for in tenti onal crime a s an ad ult ;
3. Is not deprived of the cap acity of a not ary or bai liff for the period of depriv ation (i n case of dep rivat ion th e
per son is not all owed t o practi ce la wyer’s p rofessi on and cann ot be ent ered in t he Regi ster of a Bar
Associ atio n. Th e ban is valid f or t he per iod of d eprivat ion);
4. Is n ot dism issed as a judge, prosecu tor or inv estigat or for seri ous o r sy stem at ic viol ations; is not
discip linary dismissed as a Stat e ba ilif f, a n in vestigat ing poli ce officer at the Ministry of i nter ior or in t he
Dep art men t o f Defen se f or a per iod of tw o y ears f rom th e da te of a disci plin ary dism issa l;
5. The lawyer cannot work on a cont ract of em ploy men t e xcept for a position in legal scie nces at a hi gher
edu cation in stit ution or scienti fic org anizati on, to act as a tr ader , a management in a t radi ng com pany or as
execu tiv e di rect or i n a Pub lic l imi ted company .
The Lawy er has t o be entered in t he regi ster of a Bar Associat ion.
There are not ‘num erous clausus’ f or the ex erci se of th e professio n of a l awy er.

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