Professional services regulation: notaries

AuthorOvcak Kos, Maja
Consum er mar ket stud y on the fun ctio ning of the r eal estate servi ces for consum ers in the EU Coun try Fiche Sloven ia
7. Professional ser vices regulation: notar ies
7.1 Mar ket entry and st ruct ure regulation
Ta ble 16: Mar ke t e nt ry a nd str uct ure regu lat ion
Regu lati on
Subj ect ive
re quirement s
Qual ificat ions (dip lomas,
exa ms, concour s) r equired to
becom e a not ary in your
cou nt ry:
Accor ding to t he No tary Act ( Article 8 ) a per son can be appo inted as a nota ry pr ovided that: -
he/ she has obt ained (one of) th e follo wing pro fessional titl es in t he Rep ublic of Slov enia or a
com para ble d egre e abr oad, recognized under th e Recog niti on and Eva luat ion of Edu catio n Act :
- universi ty grad uat e law yer, gr aduate lawyer (UN) and m aster of l aw, mast er of l aw on th e
basis of t he unifor m mast ers progr amm e;
- he/ she h as passed th e leg al st ate exam ;
- he/ she h as complete d a mini mum of 5 yea rs of legal pract ice aft er passing th e bar exam , of
wh ich at lea st one y ear has to b e do ne at a lawyer’s o ffice, in cou rt, at th e st ate pro secut or’s
office, state a ttorney’s o ffice o r at a not ary’s offi ce, all with a f ull t ime em ploy men t co ntr act;
- the candida te sh all also be wort hy of public t rust for t he exerci se o f t he n otar ial professio n
not ary , have general healt h cap acity , m ust not hav e rea ched 64 years of ag e, h as t o be fluent in
Slov enian l angu age and has t o b e a ci tizen of the Republic of Sl oveni a or an other m emb er st ates
of the Eur opean Unio n or th e Eur opea n Econ omi c Area or th e Sw iss Con federat ion.
Ob ject ive
re quir em ents
Do num erus clauses and ot her
objectiv e requir ement s exist ?
There is a num eru s cla usus, which is cur rently set at 92 no ta rie s. The n um ber of n ota ry offi ces
and locati ons i s deci ded b y t he Mi nist ry of Just ice accor ding to t he n eeds o f t he general p ubli c
and econ omic dem ands. For each of the local cour t’s areas of com pet ence, there has to be at
least one public not ary app oint ed by the m ini ster of justice. I n ar eas w ith a hi gher concen tra tion
of popu lation and larger num ber of econom ic op erat ions, d epending on the volu me of
tr ansact ions, the num ber of not arial offices is det erm ined in a wa y t hat there is at lea st one
nota ry for ever y tw enty thou sand inha bitant s.
Cit ize nsh ip
re quirement s
Are f oreign cand idat es
adm itted de iure and al so de
facto u nder the sa me
condit ions as n ational s?
Foreig n not arie s (i .e. not aries fr om the coun tr ies, whi ch ar e not par t of t he Eu ropean Uni on t he
European Econom ic Ar ea or Swi ss Conf edera tion ) m ay pract ice law in Slovenia subject t o act ual
and leg al r ecipr ocit y o f profes siona l ser vice s by th e respe ctiv e cou ntr ies ( i.e. th e st ate of origin
of a fo reign not ary allowi ng Slov enian not aries t o p ractise on i ts t errit ory) . The condi tion of
recip rocity of p rofe ssion al serv ices does not app ly to cit izens f rom European Union m ember
stat es. There is g ener al l angu age r equi rem ent for nota ries; t hey must have a n acti ve com man d
of the Slovenian languag e.
I nt er -
pr ofe ssiona l
coo per ation
Are for ms of c ollab orat ion
bet wee n not arie s and ot her
pr ofessionals allow ed and
usu al?
A n otary may co oper ate w ith an estate agent or an advo cate on a case-by -case basis only .
Not aries shall be legal ly organ ised as so le p ract iti oner s; shar ed off ices of an y k ind are not
all owed. Moreov er, not aries are not al lowed to act as ad vocat es an d, vice v ersa, adv ocat es must
not pr ovid e notary services.

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