Psycho-social causes and consequences of children in learning, and their engagement at work

AuthorBehxhet Gaxhiqi
PositionUniversity of Gjakova
European Journal of Economics, Law and Social Sciences
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
Vol. 1 No. 1
January 2017
ISSN 2519-1284
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Psycho-social causes and consequences of children in learning, and their en-
gagement at work
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Behxhet Gaxhiqi
University of Gjakova
The key research problem to this topic is familiarizing with the causes and motives of engaging
children at work; and knowing the factors inf‌l uencing in spreading this occurrence which is
of a large extent and concerning, for the fact that this occurrence is being increased every day
more and more.
The occurrence of studying these issues and familiarizing with the circumstances, also the
impellent and motivating factors in this aspect, has a ected the change of this situation to a
large extent. The reason to choose this topic for research among others is the study method
of this issue, since it is one of the most spread problems among children nowadays, because
a number of them perform heavy duties and with destructive measures for their health as in
the psychic and emotional aspect, but also in the bad construction of the child’s personality.
However, on the occasion of knowing and studying of these circumstances today, we primarily
have a be er awareness as in this cases to the parents-family, social-cultural environment and
also the society in general.
Our research problem in this case will be “causes and motives of engaging children at work”.
Keywords: familiarizing, circumstances, inf‌l uencing, the parents-family, social-cultural
We should emphasize the nature and the work methodology for this research since
we are aware that we should f‌i t the literature with controlling value dimensions
for the research, because the selection of literature has an important aspect. Among
others, we have specif‌i ed that each part of the research work should be reviewed and
the literature to be checked because an appropriate selection of this brings a higher
productivity and e cacy in the learning work and wider.
Our focus in this research is on the children works which do not respond to the
age and psychic-physical skills of children, thus the types of work and duration of
engagement at work. Otherwise, we are aware for the need of engaging children
at work which correspond to the abilities, needs and their skills. This research has
a multifold importance: above all this is the f‌i rst qualitative research in Kosovo on
the occurrence of involvement of children at work. By means of this research, the
awareness of opinion on the spread of this phenomenon is achieved to be realized.
The main causes that stimulate this phenomenon are made known and we also come
to know the physical and psychic-social consequences for children. Data derived by
the means of this research will serve to the institutions dealing with social problems
in order to have an information overview that is the basis for the preparation of social
policies related to this problem. In addition, this research will serve as a basis for the

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