Psychological factors that accelerate the EU integration in Albania

AuthorSkënder Demaliaj
PositionMediterranean University, Albania
IIPCCL Publishing, Tirana-Albania
Academic Journal of Business, Administration, Law and Social Sciences Vol. 1 No. 3
November 2015
ISSN 2410-3918
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Psychological factors that accelerate the EU integration in Albania
Dr. Skënder Demaliaj
Mediterranean University, Albania
The process of integration of Albania into the EU is a multidimensional process, in which
psychological factors are an integral part of this process. It is important to increase confidence
among Albanians, that it this process will not delay the accession to the EU, creating a positive
atmosphere and enthusiasm. Eu integration is a duty, responsibility and investment of
Albanians and all political forces. EU Integration of Albania is an objective process, irreversible
and the biggest project of Albanians since the collapse of totalitarian system. In this sense this
paper analyzes the importance of EU accession to the EU and psychological factors faced
with this process.
Keywords: factors, awareness, integration, communication, responsibility.
The European integration is a deep, wide, infinite process, of political and economic
collaboration, with a main purpose of peace keeping. Psychological factors take an
important place in speeding up this process. In the report of EU for Albania it is
noted that: “The increased trust awareness for the real efforts and the time that Albania
needs to integrate in the EU is crucial. Otherwise the risk of disappointment will
become really high” (Meksi, 2005, 225).
Self-consciousness is a very important factor of motivation for an individual. The
European integration process is a motivational process for Albanians in becoming
part of the European family. This is related with the desire of Albanians approaching
and being an equal nation amongst the European nations, solving and improving
economic problems, reaching for the new technology, new way of life and new set of
Our new motivation of integrating as soon as possible in EU needs:
- First, working with people, consisting in the positive approach, to educate
the sense of humanity, tolerance, solidarity and Law enforcement. This is related to
being part of EU nations, which invites every country that respects “the principle of
freedom, democracy and human rights for rule of Law.”
- Second, all citizens including the political class must feel a deep sense of
responsibility, where each one of us puts or takes off a brick on the brick wall along
the process. Self-consciousness and psychological preparation must be part of it. A
students’ song in US says:” Our world would be brighter if each one of us would light
up a small candle.”
We have to become part of EU with dignity, with our ethno-psychological features
and our own identity. The motivation of getting closer to the achieved success, curiosity
and interest, encourages the individuals to self improve and also helps others to move

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