Questions for the expert panel

AuthorDirectorate-General for Health and Food Safety (European Commission)
The organisation of resilient health and social care
following the COVID-19 pandemic
transform health systems so that they are stronger and less vulnerabl e to shocks in the
The design of healthcare systems varies s ignificantly across EU Members Stat es, which
makes it a challenge to establish a single framework or specific recommendations for
transforming them. However, there is an obvious need to develop a conceptual
framework that can gu ide healthcare reform, with particular attention to the organisati on
of and connections am ong primary, outpatient specialist, and hospital care and social
care. It will be important to reflect on the necessary elements and conditi ons for
capacity-building both at national and EU levels.
This complex framework must encompass several areas, including financing and
investment needs, coordin ation of care, crisis preparedn ess, health workforce planning,
staff retention, working conditions, and mobility, patient safety, and clinical management
(across the entire patient pathway). It is also important to determine how to gather,
process, use, protect, and ensure the quality of health data and to determine the optimal
roles of novel digital solutions such as telemedicine and tele- monitoring.
How can we evalu ate the s ervice delivery capacity of primary care, outpatient specialist
and hospital care and social care providers and their interaction with public health
services? How can primary care, outpatient specialist and h ospital care and social care
improve preparedness to tackle unpredictable emergencies and high -pressure scenarios?
What are the structures, mechanisms and interrelationships for strengt hening healthcare
provision? What would resilience testing for health systems look l ike across the EU?
The Expert Panel is requested to provide a concise but meaningful document with
analysis and recommendations on the following points:
a) What are the building bl ocks to improve care organisation (structu res, processes,
resources, interrelationships), and what criteria sh ould be used for a continuous
evaluation of the appropriateness of servi ce delivery capacity of p rimary care, outpatient
specialist and hospital care and social care?
b) What are the elements and conditions for capacity building in primary care,
outpatient specialist and hospital care and social care that would strengthen their overall
robustness to unpredictable events and capacity to ensure access to care and treatment
c) How can healthcare provision be sustained for vulnerable patient groups with
urgent needs for care/cure, like patients with rare conditions, can cer patients or patients

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