Recovery and other preventive and corrective measures

AuthorEuropean Anti-Fraud Office (European Commission)
30th Annual Report on the Protection of the European Union’s financial interests — Fight against fraud 2018
5. Recovery and other preventive
and corrective measures
Detailed infor mation on recover ies, f‌inancia l correctio ns and other pre ventive and cor-
rective mea sures (interr uptions an d suspension of paym ents) is publishe d in the annual
management a nd performance report (65).
Irregulari ties which have be en detecte d and repor ted, as referr ed to in the PIF Re port,
are the objec t of corrective measures to m ake sure that EU funds are not use d to f‌inance
irregular or fra udulent projec ts. When n ecessary, reco very procedu res are put in pl ace
and followed-u p by national authorities in l ine with the national regu latory frameworks.
() The AMP R is part of the EU bu dget integrate d f‌inancial repor ting package (C OM() f‌i nal/).
Informatio n on recovery on t he revenue side is al so given in the SWD r eferred to in footn ote , point (ii).

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