AuthorRubio, Jean; Peyrony, Jean; Viaggi, Raffaele
AEBR Online Forum, CBC in pandemic time: New borders vs new
opportunities, 5th June 2020
Bernard Reitel, Jean Peyrony and Birte Wassenberg, Effects of the Covid-
19 Pandemic on European Borders, in Cross-Border Cooperation and
European Integration, Critical Dictionary on Borders, Cross-Border
Cooperation and European Integration, Collection: Border Studies, Edited
By Birte Wassenberg and Bernard Reitel,
Borders in Globalization, Borderlands in the Era of COVID-19: Special
Briefing Paper: The Impact of COVID-19 on Cross-Border Movement on
the island of Ireland
Centre Jean Monnet, Sciences Po Strasbourg Webinar "Eprouver les
frontières au temps de la Covid-19", June 25th 2020
Eduardo Medeiros, Martín Guillermo.Ramirez, Gyula Ocskay and Jean
Peyrony, Effects of 'covidfencing' in European cross-border regions: an
initial overview, June 2020,'covidfe
ESPON: How are Cross-border Public Services affected during the
#COVID19 crisis?
European Committee of the Regions, Covid-19 #EuropeansAgainstCovid
Exchange Platform, 2020,

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