AuthorJeney, Petra; Cotroneo, Clara
Evaluating the EU’s Response to the US Gag Rule
PE 621.927 49
Documents of international organisations
Champions of Global Reproductive Rights, PAI What You Need to Know about Protecting Life in
Global Health Assistance Restrictions on US Glob al Health Assistance September 2017.
Champions of Global Reproductive Rights, PAI Do You Really Know the Global Gag Rule? August
Champions of Global Reproductive Rights, PAI So Far So Bad, the Wide Ranging of Impacts of the
Global Gag Rule Happening Now
CHANGE Centre for Health and Gender Equality, Prescribing Chaos in Global Health The Global
Gag Rule from 1984-2018, June 2018
CONCORD, statement on the final MFF 2021-2027 negotiations outcome July 2020
CONCORD, Making the EU commitments a reality through smart pro gramming. November 2018
Countdown 2030 Europe, European donor support to sexual & reproductive health & family
planning: Trends analysis 2018-2019. January 2020
Countdown 2030 Europe, 10 Contraceptive supplies financing: what role for donors? A Guide for
Advocacy 2030 2018,
Countdown 2030 Europe, EU Development Funding. Ensuring EU Support for Sexual and
Reproductive Health and Family Planning (SHR/FP)- Factsheet 2018
CRS, International Family Planning: The “Mexico City” Policy, April 2, 2001
Engender Health for a Better Life, Brief: Expanded Global Gag Rule
The Effect of the Expanded Mexico City Policy on HIV/AIDS Programming: Evidence from the
PEPFAR Implementing Partners Survey (2019)
Family Panning 2020, Commitments European Commission
Family Panning 2020, London Summit Summaries of commitments 3 December 2013
Guttmacher-Lancet Commission Accelerate progress sexual and reproductive health and rights for
all: report of the Guttmacher-Lancet Commission.
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International Planned Parenthood Federation, 2019
ICDP Sexual and reproductive Health and rights: An Essential Element of Universal Health Coverage
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Nairobi Statement on ICPD25: Accelerating the Promise.
Accelerating the Promise: The Report on the Nairobi Summit on ICPD25 The Report on the Nairobi
Summit on ICPD2 United Nations, United Nations Population Fund 2020
Kaiser Family Foundation, Donor Government Funding for Family Planning in 2016, December
Kaiser Family Foundation, Donor Government Assistance for Family Planning in 2015, November
Kaiser Family Foundation, Donor Government Assistance for Family Planning in 2014, November

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