Regulatory background

AuthorHristova, Nataliya
Consum er mar ket stud y on the fun ctio ning of the r eal estate servi ces for consum ers in the EU Coun try Fiche Bu lgaria
1. Regulat ory backgrou nd
1.1 Lev el of regulat ion in the country
Ta ble 1: L eve l o f reg u la t ion
Lev el of re gu lat ion
Sou rce of re lev ant
le gisl ation
On going discu ssion on re gu lat ion / de re gul ati on (i f
ap plica ble ): cur rent st at e of af fair s an d m ai n a rgu me nt s
in th e d ebat e
Real estat e
tr an saction s2
Form alit y, regi strati ons a nd
ident ity checks st rictl y
Law on obliga tio ns an d
con tr act s 1 95 0 r eg ulat es
th e oblig ator y form of
pr oper ty transact ion s
Ru les of Lan d r egist ra tio n
pr ocedu re 1 95 1 - reg ulat es
pr oper ty transact ion s’
registrati on pr ocedu re in Lan d
Cod e o f civi l pr oced ure
2007 –regulates t he not arial
pr ocedu re for prop ert y
tr ansact ions and t he
obl igat ory cont ent of n otarial
Not ary syst em ( or
law yer /co nveyancer
sys tem ) 3
Stri ctly regulated
No ta rie s a nd Not ar y
Act ivity Act 19 97 - / see
Tabl e 16 /
Cod e o f civi l pr oce dur e
2007 – as a bove
Ta rif f f or No ta ry fee s 1 99 8
2 E.g. lim ita tion s or pro hibit ion s of cert ain t ran sacti ons; spe cific form alit y r equ irem ent s etc .
3 Only in coun tri es wh ere nota ries do no t ex ist or do no t h ave a mo nopol y on conv eyan cing .

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